"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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The air quality has a direct and indirect impact on our health.

The elements present in the air that have a direct and positive effect on our health are :

  • the oxygen and the negative ions (one oxygen molecule + one electron)
  • the right polarized electromagnetic waves, such as some vital natural waves
  • the continuous earth magnetic field
  • the visible light and the infrared rays

The elements that have a direct and negative impact on our health are :

  • the microparticles emitted by the oil and cigarette combustion
  • the chemical compounds like the organic solvents
  • the pathogen micro-organisms and the viruses
  • the left polarized natural (radioactivity, telluric rays) and artificial (pulsed radiofrequencies, 50Hz fields) electromagnetic waves
  • the disturbance of the earth magnetic field, as observed above earth breaks and water veins
  • the UV-C rays (dangerous ultraviolet rays) that pass through the ozone layer
The growing problem nowadays is that the concentration of pulsed radiofrequencies (cell phone, DECT, WiFi,...), all left polarized, increases exponentially. As a consequence, most of our food and even our water become also left polarized. Human beings all over the world start seeing since their unconscious release in our atmosphere new diseases that have at first glance only a psychological reason, like "stress" or "depression".
The studies of Dr Doepp in Germany have clearly shown that left polarized waves, of natural and of artificial origin, provoke the aggeregation of the red blood cells in our blood. This is a typical stress symptom, such as observed on highly burned people. The first impact on our vital functions will be a less fluid blood circulation and a less efficient oxygen uptake.
Astonishingly, if those waves are right polarized via techniques proposed in the PENYANG range (see Tools), the red blood cells get nicely dispersed and recover their initial spherical structure. A high concentration of negative air ions can also redisperse these red blood cells by increasing the negative charge around their membrane.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Dr Lakowski was the first Doctor to have understood the impact of the radiation on our body :

  • Life is created by the radiation
  • Life is maintained by the radiation
  • Life is suppressed by any oscillatory unbalance

In order to help our body to carry on fighting efficiently against external agressions, it is essential that:

  • the electormagnetic waves that surround us, our food and our water are right polarized,
  • our air is rich in negative air ions
  • our rest zones are not contaminated by disturbing radiations ...
... because it is during the night that our immune and hormonal systems are working and that our body get revitalized !
The division AIR & HEALTH offers you an expertise service in Air Quality in your private home or professionnal environment in order to identify all the air contaminants that can affect human health.
It also offer a wide range of tools and products dedicated to correct and to improve your private or professionnal environment, to reinforce your vital energy and to boost your concentration during the day and your sleep during the night.  
1. Expertise Service in Air Quality :

Measurement of the aerocontaminants (physical en chemical contaminants) :

Measurement of the particle concentration and of the particle size distribution

Measurement of the concentration of some chemical contaminants

Measurement of the negative and positive ion concentration

Measurement of the natural radiations and of the disturbing geological phenomenon’s :

Locating of water veins, earth breaks and cavities

Locating of cosmo-telluric networks

Identification of geopathic zones

Measurement of the artificial radiations :

Measurement of the 50 Hz electric and magnetic fields

Measurement of the radiofrequencies
Measurement of the water quality in terms of hardness and energy level
2. Tools and Products:
The section « Tools » gives you a full presentation of our tools and products for harmonizing your private our work environment and for protecting and vitalizing your body.

Air purifiers
air ionisers
Water purifiers
& drinks

against the natural

against the artificial radiations


Energy blockings removal,
Pain relief
via magnets


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