"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Odour & VOC abatement with the power of UV light !


Photo-Oxidation consists in using UV-C lamps, emitting between 100 and 280 nm, for oxidizing VOC and odorous emissions.



• If the T° and relative humidity are respectively lower than 40°C and 85%, the emission comes into contact with the lamps: the process is called:




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• If the T° is higher than 40°C, the emission T°  must be reduced down to 40°C. Another alternative is to inject in the emission a flow of highly concentrated oxygen radicals, produced by forcing fresh air through a photo-oxidation system, a process called:


 "photo-oxidation in bypass"


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• If the heat has to be recovered before this treatment, a Cyclonic Heat Exchanger is installed on its upstream side. This concept is called:




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