"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Appareils et Produits
for the wellbeing and the home harmonisation ! 


P.S. more information is currently only available in French or Dutch (click on respective flags above); please contact us if you need more information in English  

Home: harmonisation of geopathic zones en energetisation 

Introduction: see natural radiations



  • harmonise the geopathic zones
    protect against radiofrequencies emitted from ouside (cell phone antenne, DECT telephone & WiFi from neighbours, ...)
  • increase the home vibratory level
Price : from €99,00 to €220,00- VAT incl.



  • makes your body insensible to geopathic  zones
  • increases the home vibratory level
validated and implemented
in austrian hospitals !
Price : from €1.150,00- VAT incl. 
Air : Purification & Vitalisation
Introduction : see : Air Ionisation, Indoor Air Quality
more info



pulse negative air ion concentrations higher than 250.000 ions / cm3, what:

  • increases the blood oxygen level
  • reinforces our vital functions
  • sterilises our respiratory organs
  • creates a purified air bubbles around our body
the only air ioniser in the world
registerd as "medical device"
Price : from €460,00- VAT incl.
Air Purifyers
& Ionisers

  • abate efficiently microparticles and kill   microorganisms via electrofiltration    (cleanable filter - no spare parts)
  • enrich the air with negative air ions
Attention : high quality apparatus manufactured in Europe; we do not commercialize equipment massively manufactured in China  for quality, guarantee and after sales service reason; these low cost apparatus often require expensive spare parts.
Price : from €1500,00- VAT incl. 
Main water: Softening and Vitalisation
(systems for central ducts)
Vital and healing water, like in Lourdes, has the following properties:
  • its water molecules are right polarized, like the water molecules in our cells
  • it contains vital waves, like the 7 light frequencies, that are also right polarized
  • its vibratory level is far above the minimal vital level of 7.000 Bovis units
Right polarized water molecules build bridges between each other, which prevents growth of pathogen microorganisms. This is the reason why the healing water in Lourdes never get contaminated.
Main water, as well as most of bottled water, is left polarized and has a complete lack of energy. If this water is calcareous, it will build sticky "calcite" cristals. If this water becomes right polarized, calcite cristals are transformed in non sticky "aragonite" cristals.
Different systems to put around the central main water duct have been designed in order to right polarize water:
  • powerful permanent magnets
  • housing containing "informated" material
The Kalk-O-Magic system is a powerful permanent magnet that:
  • right polarises the water molecules,
  • increases its vibratory level up to 18.000 Bovis units
but the vital waves contained in its structure only have the magnetic part and do not have the electric part. This water quality is consequently not ideally balanced. It is nevertheless a low cost and ideal system for preventing calcareous deposits. 
A vitalising and healing water contains indeed right polarised vital waves with both electric en magnetic parts, such as offerd by the VitalFlow system of PENYANG, classified N°2 out of the 300 water vitalising systems tested by the Hagalis Laboratories (D). This system, simply via water "information":
  • right polarises the water molecules,
  • increases its vibratory level up to 34.000 Bovis units,
  • enriches the water with electromagnetically balanced vital waves, like the 7 light frequencies  




  • right polarises the water molecules,
  • increases its vibratory level up to 34.000 Bovis units,
  • enriches the water with electromagnetically balanced vital waves, like the 7 light frequencies
  • softens main water and gives it a nice taste
  • ideal not only for drinking but also for cooking, washing, and body care
Price :
  • for a tap: (portable) €220,00- VAT incl.
  • for the main duct: from €995,00- VAT incl;



  • right polarises the water molecules,
  • increases its vibratory level
    up to 18.000 Bovis units,
  • softens main water
    and gives it a nice taste
  • ideal water softening 
Price :
  • for a tap: : € 82,00- VAT incl.
  • for a central duct: from 665,00- VAT incl.

Main water : Purification and Vitalisation
(systems to be connected on a water tap)

The 2 following systems answer to the requirements of the Vincent bioelectronic : a purifying and vitalising water must :
  • be lightly mineralized (<120mg/L) in order to easily remove the waste products for our cells,
  • be reducing, thus rich in electrons,
  • have a slight acidic pH
It is important to know that minerals in a left polarized water cannot be assimilated by our body. It can only assimilate the minerals present in our food. A right polarized water is more biocompatible and allow a partial assimilation of the minerals (see scientific references in Kalk-O-Magic).
In order to drastically reduce the concentration of mineral and toxic molecules, like pesticides and heavy metals, the 2 following systems integrate the reverse osmosis filtration system, that remove all molecules larger than the water molecules. As 2d step, a carbon filter will complete the filtration by adsorbing the smaller molecules, like chorine and ammoniac. As final step, a vitalisation system will restructure the water, give it a right polarization and increase its vibratory level.
If you are not a big user of drinking water from the tap, a simple QuickWater system without buffer tank is optimal.
If you are a big user of drinking water, we recommend the BestWater system, with buffer tank.



  • easy connection and disconnection, with integrated overpressure pump
  • without buffer tank, always supplies freshly fitered and vitalised water
  • water quality sensor (conductivity meter) that always guarantees a high quality water



  • fixed system with 5L or 12L buffer tanks
  • high quality pre-filtration steps before the reverse osmosis filter and mor ethan 3 steps after
  • enriches the water with biophotons and the 7 light frequencies
  • vibratory level above 36.000 Bovis units
one of the best studied and the most professionnal systme on the market !
Table water: Vitalisation
(system on table)
To vitalise and right polarize a water from a bottle of from a tap can be easily performed by pouring this water in a TC Energy carafe or glass. The carafe, once filled, also irradiates  vitalising energy within a radius of 2m.  If you place it in the middle of the table, it will be beneficial for all the people sitting around and its beautiful design will be admired by everybody !

Glass Carafe
TC Energy


  • coloured lifeflower encrusted in the bottom of the carafe
  • vibratory level up to 25.000 Bovis units
Also available:
  • glasses
  • teapot 

Price : € 59,00 TTC

Food & Beverages: vitalisation
Most of our food & beverages are left polarized and have a vibratory level below the minimum vital threshold of 7.000 Bovis units. The VitalFood plae of PENYANG revitalises our food & beverages at vibratory levels above 12.000 Bovis units. All aromas get so liberated. A test with an acid apple or a glass of wine will convince you instantly ! 




  • increases the vibratory level of food and beverages above 12.000 Bovis units
  • right polarizes them
  • liberates the aromas
  • accelarates the ripening
Price : from €115,00 VAT incl. 

  • portable energizing plate
  • protects against electrosmog if set closed to the body
  • to be placed under a glass or a plate when eating or drinking
Price : €18.00- VAT incl.
Radiations : 50 Hz Electromagnetic fields: protection
The 50 Hz electromagnetic fields are also left polarized. The VitalPlug 50Hz of Pen Yang right polarizes these fields, what makes them hamrless. If your home is entirely contaminated with these fields, Bioruptors can also be connected at the base of the polluting cables, what will cut the tension if no current is demanded.

Vital Plug 50 Hz



right polarises the 50 Hz fields, which makes them harmless
Price : €170.00- VAT incl. 



cut the tension at the base of the pollutin cable if no current is demanded  
Price : €150.00- VAT incl.
Radiations : Radiofrequences emitted from outside: protection



The Geopat pastilles right polarises the pulsed radiofrequencies that penetrate your home, what makes them harmless. They do not alter the penetration of vital waves.
Price : from €99,00 to €220,00- VAT incl.

Physical protection against radiofrequencies: to hang on the wondows or for the confection of a baldachin 
Price : from €65,00 to €75,00-/m VAT incl. (1x2.5m)

Painting with carbon in order to protect the outside and inside walls 
Price : from €75,00 to €84,00-/L VAT incl. 

Wallpaper for the abatement of the radiofrequencies via the walls 
Price : €55,00- / rol, VAT incl. (0.6x10m)
Radiations : Cell Phone, DECT & Computer : protection

Handy Sticker



Self-adhesive informated pastille for protecting cell phone
Electroencephalogram tests have proven the the beta waves, that are normally excited by cell phones, are not affected anymore after cell phone protection with this pastille. 
Price: €24,00- VAT incl. 



Earset with cable ending with a plastic tube only able to transfer the acoustic waves. 
Prix : €49,50- VAT incl. 

CRP Sticker



2 x self adhesive pastilles to be sticked NW en SE on the screen; protect agains t te radiations emitted by the screen;
Price : €36,00- VAT incl. 
Body Care: relaxation, méridians deblokking, acido-basic equilibrium rebalancing, energetisation 



  • removes all the energy blokkings
  • rebalances the acido-basic equilibrium
  • destressing effect
  • ideal before sleeping
Price : €499,00- VAT incl.  



  • pulses waves at 7.5 Hz, which encourages relaxation and concentration
  • favorisant
  • to carry in a pocket
Price : €89,00- VAT incl.



Basic Mineral Salts for mouth wash after every meal
  • reinforce the teeth
  • depolarise them in order to avoid amalgam dissolution
  • rebalance the acido-basic equilibrium
Price : €32,00- VAT incl.  
Body Care: deep en regenerating sleep



  • beds 100% natural with optimal relaxation for the backbone
  • natural materials allowing the continuous removal of the sweat
Price: on request




  • pulses waves at 0.5 Hz, encouraging deep sleep
  • ideal to restore a distrubed sleep
Price : €89,00- VAT incl. 
Body Care: pain relief
The magnets are used since the ancient times as pain relief. The French company Auris proposes a high quality range of textile bandages containing powerful Neodyme magnets.  
Neodyme :

Neodyme magnets integrated in comfortable and washable textile bandages 
Prices: on request
Neodyme :

Neodyme magnets to be fixed via velcro on comfortable textile bandages, recommended for frequent use.
Prices: on request 
Body Care: skin protection



  • healing & curing cream
  • contains advocado oil and panthenol
  • manufactured with PEN YANG vitalised water
Price : €32,00- VAT incl. 
Car : consumption reduction, electrosmog protection & vitality

Car – Bio – Kat



  • right polarises oil molecules
  • significantly reduces the oil consumption
  • protects against electrosmog
  • prevents risks of fatigue
  • reduces the aggressivity of the exhaust fumes
Price : €99,00- VAT incl; 

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