"air is our first         
nutriment & medicine"         
(Hippocrate, 400BC)         
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Air Quality a necessity for human beings and future generations !

Human beings ingest around 3kg food and fluids per day but 15kg air! The air quality is consequently of crucial importance. Atmospheric pollution, in terms of aerocontaminants but also radiations, has created severe health and environmental problems, from the damaging of the ozone layer to the weakening of the human immune system. All these problems make human beings sensitive to various illnesses, like asthma and cancer.

Air Quality Concept has started its activities in the field of  Industrial Emission Treatment , like VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon), odour, oil haze and dust abatement in emissions .

Our mission : supply the Best Available Technology for a specific application in terms of efficiency and low investment, working and maintenance costs.

Our technology suppliers are all innovating companies specialized in their specific field and we permanently look for new technologies or concepts consisting in putting different technologies together in order to improve the abatement efficiency.

Quite rapidly, we have been confronted to another concern: the Air Quality in Work Ambiance. Many work places are contaminated with dust, solvent or odour, what has a direct impact on the worker's health. In the food industry, excess humidity and microbial growth create problems of product quality. In hospitals, the spreading of micro-organisms and viruses via the air and the air conditioning systems is a major concern. In offices, due to the air conditioning, people are more sensitive to illnesses.

Many companies are proposing systems for improving the " Air Quality " in the ambiance in order to obtain "Clean Air", "Fresh Air"  or "Healthy Air". But what is actually " an Healthy Air ".
In order to be healthy, the air must but first at a certain temperature and humidity, ideally around 20C and 50% relative humidity. This quality can be achieved by standard air conditioning systems but a typical problem of those systems is that they generate not only aero-biocontaminants (bacteria, viruses, ) that growth in the filters but also neutralize the air ions, vital for the human beings. The lack of maintenance often worsens this problem.

A good air ionisation, like the one obtained after a thunderstorm or near a waterfall, is vital for our organism. It not only prevents aero-biocontaminant growth but also strengthens our immune system.
Our concern in terms of Air Quality is to propose air conditioning and air treatment concepts without filters and maintenance able to abate aero-biocontaminants and particles and to revitalise the air with negative air ions at a level healthy for human beings.

The recent concern about air pollution by electromagnetic waves (50 Hz, radiofrequencies, microwaves,...) and its impact on human health has motivated us to create a 3d division: Air & Health. 


This division focuses on the identification of all the possible pollution sources that can have a direct impact on our health. It also proposes solutions to eliminate them and to help our body to strengthen its vital functions and defence systems.

The "Air Quality" is consequently a vast domain and we would be happy to assist you in order to help you to find the right way to improve its quality or to find a solution to a specific problem. Please feel free to contact us.


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